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WLI Hosts Political Leadership Masterclass For Women

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

For Nigeria to meet her development objectives, the challenge of poor women participation in politics and political leadership must be sustainably addressed to pave the way for increased women visibility in decision making political offices. No nation can exclude over half of its productive population from decision making processes and seriously hope to make progress.   

That is why WLI uniquely conceived this 3-day intensive Political Leadership Masterclass for Women to equip and empower women with useful and relevant knowledge and information about politics, the political process and political leadership in Nigeria.

Facilitated by a faculty comprising seasoned practitioners, thought leaders and university professors, the masterclass familiarized delegates with useful strategies to help them skillfully and successfully navigate the often treacherous terrain of politics in Nigeria as they work their way up to the apex of political leadership.

The Masterclass modules were carefully put together to increase the confidence of women, avail them critical skills and knowledge required to facilitate their entry, rise and sustainable success in politics in Nigeria.

The Masterclass held in three locations in Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja and Owerri

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