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Join us in empowering Women to reach their full potentials and become Leaders in different fields and Careers.

EmpowerHer is one of  WLI's innovations which encompasses a comprehensive curriculum of Workshops, Mentorship and Networking Opportunities to help Women develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

With the support of our sponsors, we can offer this program at no cost to participants. We invite your  Organization to join us in this important mission and become a sponsor of our  Women Leadership Programmes. Together, we can create a more equitable and inclusive World where Women have the opportunity to lead and thrive.

Benefits of EmpowerHER Program

  1. Increased Representation of Women in Leadership positions: The WLI Leadership program helps to promote and develop female leaders, which can lead to a more diverse and inclusive workforce and representation of women in leadership positions.

  2. Improved Skills and Confidence: The program offers workshops, mentorship and networking opportunities to help Women develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in leadership roles.

  3. Greater Opportunities for Career Advancement: The program can provide Women with the support and resources they need to advance in their careers and reach their full potentials.

  4. Increased Productivity and Innovation: A diverse and inclusive workforce can lead to increased creativity and innovation, as well as improved decision making and problem solving.

  5. Enhanced Company Reputation: Companies that invest in Women's leadership can improve their reputations and attract top talent benefiting their bottom line.

  6. Better Work-Life Balance and Work Environment for Women: The program can also help women to achieve a better work-life balance and create a more inclusive and supportive work environment.

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₦35,000/ $50 / £50 /€ 50
Per Student 


  1. Platinum Package: (Sponsoring 21+ Students):Benefits: Recognition Plaque, Opportunity to speak at WLI events, Full page advertisement on WLI magazine, Prominent branding on the Institute's website and Social Media handles, Recognition in the Institute's Newsletter and Press releases.

  2. Gold Package (Sponsoring 11 to 20 Students):  Benefits: Recognition plaque, half page  advertisement in the WLI magazine and recognition in the Institute's Newsletter and Press releases.

  3. Silver Package: (Sponsoring 6 to 10 Students): Benefits: Certificate of Honour, Quarter page advertisement on WLI Magazine and recognition in the Institute's Newsletter.

  4. Bronze Package: (Sponsoring 1 to 5 students): Benefits: Certificate of Honour, Listing on the WLI magazine and recognition on the Institute's website.

  5. Friends of WLI: This package is designed for local small businesses and community groups. It includes benefits such as Certificate of Honour, a listing on the WLI magazine, a recognition on the Institute's website and social Media.

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