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A Women’s Month Reflection

We are interconnected, when we marginalize women, we delay progress. We can only strive in shared progress for all, not a select few.

Women are the backbone of every society. Their resolve to care for their families under very difficult circumstances is commendable. Many of them are heads of households. They multi task with bright, practical ideas on how to grow their businesses which helps grow the economy. What is sad and disturbing is how male dominated governments from Africa to Asia fail to recognize the glaring inequality. Rather than pave way to progress, they find loopholes to sabotage ideas for women to improve lives of their families members. The end result is second class citizenry. Most of the developing countries forbid education for women and girls.

As though not bad enough, we now have the scourge of trafficking women for sex slavery; a modern day menace. This evil industry carefully

crafted and orchestrated by well organized global criminal rings continue to dehumanize women. Sex trafficking has become an international lucrative business .

In this Women’s month, may we be reminded that injustice anywhere is in justice everywhere.

Submitted 3/10/19

By Ukwuoma Chukunta

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