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The girl child plays a vital role in the society. Her importance cannot be overemphasized, from the family sphere to the general community. It is often even said, what a man can do, a woman can do better. This is why it is as important as ever to priotize the continuous education and mental development of the girl child as it has been proven that the result she brings back to her society from knowledge she has gotten is always very beneficial to her world.

I visited the participants at the ICT Masterclass today. They were young people committed to acquiring technology knowledge and culture. Join me in creating opportunities for the model women who will seamlessly align with the new world of technology. - Her. Excellency, Amb. Dr. Kema Chikwe (Founder and Chairperson, WLIN & WLIN.

This is why Information and Communication Technology is also a sector that is of very high importance to the female folk, especially the young girl child.

ICT based knowledge on the girl child opens her to greater opportunities in todays evolving digital World. She stands tall in her career when she has acquired this background tech skills and it sets her ahead of her contemporaries.

This is why we at The Women Leadership Institute has taken it as a priority to see to the mental development of the girl child though ICT hence successfully organizing numerous high standard Tech trainings of which we just concluded one.

We call on sister organizations, angel investors and good spirited self-willing sponsors to join us in this journey of ensuring that the girl child in Nigeria obtains basic and professional ICT skills that will help shapen their future better. With your support, we shall be able to reach out to more students and offer them these courses which are always updated.

Also, we urge parents and guardians to sponsor their wards to this highly impactful trainings which will serve as a window for capacity development of the girls.

Train a girl child, train a community.

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