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Women Leadership Institute

On behalf of the Women Leadership Institute (WLI), I welcome you to our website.


At WLI, we recognize that "the most important ingredient for leadership is vision." WLI has a vision to inspire and empower the African woman to play significant roles in leadership and decision making in Africa. In this regard, we hope to move beyond lip service and work assiduously to change the prevailing uninspiring narrative about African women and help facilitate greater attention and positive  action on gender mainstreaming and women's right in Africa. 


WLI is the first sustainable institutional response in Nigeria specially conceived to provide customized programmes and interventions designed to address the unique leadership needs of African women. Our strategic focus is to open new vistas of opportunity and build a future of shared prosperity for African women in which their leadership ability, talent and skills are sought, valued and validated.


With a network of experienced professionals in Nigeria and across Africa, we will continue to explore valuable partnerships, advocacy, training and mentoring opportunities to vitalize actions that support African women to enhance their leadership capacity to take constructive roles in the continent and actualize their leadership aspirations.


Going forward, we will be looking at leveraging a broad range of methodologies to promote ideas and solutions that productively empower African women. Working together, we are confident that we can overcome the many challenges on the road to success, harness and deploy the energies of over 50% of Africa's population towards the transformation of Africa. 


WLI is non-partisan and is open to girls and women all over Africa.


Welcome on board!!

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