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Klaudia Koronel Gamugamong Dagat 04 Avi




„ there is no type of accident that cannot be avoided  „ the good thing about bad things is that they can be avoided  „ when you're a student you have so much time to do what you really want to do  „ when you finally decide to choose a profession it's very difficult to know what it is  „ if the worker knows how to do his job well, he'll make more money than if he doesn't know  „ if you study for a job you will not have a job  „ if you have a really good time, that is, a very happy time, life will be difficult  „ it's not true what they say about unhappiness : it gives life more meaning  „ if you fall in love with someone, don't you think the bad things are worth it  „ people are jealous because they haven't got what they want  „ not everybody is interested in politics or art  „ if you're poor you must want to be rich  „ you cannot fight poverty with good intentions  „ when you don't know where you're going you will always end up somewhere  „ you must stop being so concerned with what other people think „ it's easier to fall in love with yourself than with someone else  „ you have all the time in the world to think about things you don't understand  „ you have to accept the things you cannot change  „ in order to have something, you have to lose something  „ everyone has his own circle of friends  „ never judge people by their clothes  „ everybody is equal, but some are more equal than others  „ you never know how much you love somebody until you no longer see him or her  „ you have no right to be happy until you have someone to laugh with  „ you must suffer to enjoy happiness  „ you should always be on the move  „ someone who lives in the present can never have enough  „ a cat who lives in a house makes everything clean  „ one person's only happiness is another's misery  „ if you want to do something good, start with yourself  



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Klaudia Koronel Gamugamong Dagat 04 Avi

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